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Parents love to chat, lets here what they're sayin'

"We loved Lobster Jo's! The counselors were all so fun and kept our kids engaged in creative ways. Definitely recommend!"

"Lobster Joe’s was wonderful. My 11 year old learned new skills, made friends and was never bored. Came home each day had a snack and a nap, which never happens. She loved it!!"

"Please continue this program the rest of the summer and bring it back next summer. The camp is incredibly well run, the counselors are excellent and my daughter has loved her time there."

Testimonials: Testimonials

All responses are sourced from Parks & Recreation Surveys!

"My daughter had a great time at Lobster Jo’s! She played fun games, made a cool tie-dye shirt and learned about the ocean from great counselors. Thanks Lobster Jo’s!"

"It was organized and the group leaders were very involved with the children. They had lots of equipment and activities."

"Outstanding camp. My daughter has loved it and will be attending future weeks this summer."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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