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  • How often do we apply sunscreen?
    Counselors instruct campers to reapply every 80 minutes. There are dedicated times at snack, lunch, and during free play. We do ask that you bring your camper pre-lathered up!
  • What should my kids bring day to day?
    No matter what camp you go to you'll need water, food, and a smile for a successful day. If you're going to Santa Barbara's Beach Camp/Art Camp bring a towel, a swimsuit, and sunscreen. For Skate Camp you'll need a board, pads, and a helmet. At Adventure Camp you'll definitely need a good pair of sneakers, a bathing suit and towel as well.
  • Does Lobster Jo's have inclusion programs?
    Yes, at our Santa Barbara locations we have inclusion. Goleta's is a work in progress.
  • Who are the counselors?
    Counselors are majority UCSB/SBCC undergrad who are getting their minor in FUN from the University of Lobster Jo. All are CPR/FA certified, TB screened, background checked, trained for mandatory reporting, and pass an interview process to become a counselor.
  • Does my kid have to know how to swim?
    No, we do have a swim assessment on the first days of camp but that is for us to determine who needs a life vest near the water. We have plenty of non-water activities!
  • What is the cost compared to other camps?
    Lobster Jo's Beach Camp is one of the ten least expensive summer camps when you break it down in dollars per hour. This year we are 8.33$/hr for city residents!
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