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Beach games in Santa Barbara

Lobster Jo's offers numerous programs around Santa Barbara County. Focusing on Summer Camps we strive to provide unique experiences that are tailored to the best activities around town. From skating at the waterfront, to art in the FunkZone, beach play at Stern's wharf, and adventures in Goleta's newest parks we want your kids to know the town like the back of their hand!





The best beach day, every day! At Lobster Jo’s Beach Camp, children enjoy a mix of ocean activities, beach-themed arts and crafts, and plenty of group games. Friendly sandcastle contests, surfing, and beach party karaoke are just some of the fun in store for campers at Lobster Jo’s!

Art Camp

Campers will enjoy the best of both worlds at Lobster Jo's Art Camp! Mornings are dedicated to daily art lessons where children can explore their creativity with a variety of art forms, including painting, sculpting, plant pressing, and beading. In the afternoon, campers will head outside for the fun of Lobster Jo's Beach Camp! 

Skate Camp

Where better to get "shred-ucated" than the coolest skate park on the west coast? Children at Skate Camp learn proper skateboarding technique, practice new skills, and explore the challenges of Santa Barbara's famous Skater's Point. At the end of each day, campers get a chance to show off their skills to family and friends. All skill levels are welcome at Skate Camp! 

Adventure Camp

Buckle up for excitement at Lobster Jo's Adventure Camp! Explore the beauty of Goleta's various parks each day, where kids can immerse themselves in nature, engage in thrilling games, and make lifelong memories. Join Lobster Jo's for a summer filled with outdoor fun, laughter, and the joy of discovering new parks every day. Let the adventure begin!

Art Camp




Embark on a summer of creativity and outdoor fun! Mornings are all about art lessons—painting, sculpting, plant pressing, and beading. In the afternoons, let loose in Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park!

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- Santa Barbara Resident

"Lobster Jo’s was wonderful. My 11 year old learned new skills, made friends and was never bored. Came home each day had a snack and a nap, which never happens. She loved it!!"

-Goleta Local

"Please continue this program the rest of the summer and bring it back next summer. The camp is incredibly well run, the counselors are excellent and my daughter has loved her time there."

- Santa Barbaran

"Lobster Jo's Beach Camp is super fabulous. My son has learned how to have fun in the water and on the beach (how could he not you ask, well he was not really a beach guy until this camp). The counselors are great and attentive and help the kids work through any issues that come up. Everyone is positive and upbeat and there is a ton of fun things to do. We are so thankful for this experience! Thank you Lobster Jo & Team!!!"

- Goletian

"Out of about a dozen summer camps we tried this year, LJ's was the clear winner. My 7-year-old was excited to go in the morning, and was exhausted by the time we picked him up. The counselors are cool, and their attitude is contagious. The camp has a section of the beach clearly demarcated with giant lobster flags, and the dropoff/pickup is easy from the Garden St. lot. The kids are in and out of the water constantly, and counselors were good about sunscreen re-application."

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