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The daily Lobster Jo's Beach Camp schedule balances busy and fun activities with free time to enjoy with friends. Whether it’s learning a new skill or engaging in friendly competition, we offer something for everyone to enjoy.



Our amazing Water Sports program is an integral part of life at Lobster Jo's Beach Camp. When camp starts Monday, campers will be invited to participate in a swim assessment to determine whether or not they'll need additional support in and around the water. All campers will be taught the dos and don'ts of playing around the ever-so-changing Pacific Ocean. Campers will also participate in group games to meet new campers and form meaningful connections.



Campers will enjoy the long history of how surfing made its way to the U.S with stories about ancient Polynesians, Duke Kahanamoku, and Simon Anderson. Then counselors will offer surfing lessons to those interested. Kalabunga! Simultaneously, other counselors lead tie-dye Tuesday so don't forget your white garment of clothing.



Today we focus on ourselves and our effects on our local environment. A small lesson about ocean Co2 filtration, photosynthesis, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and how these affect our life on land instills campers with an urge to keep the beach clean. After we play the West Coast Invaders (a camp fav) campers walk to Tower 5 collecting trash along the way.



Our most memorable program is Thursdays. After a lesson on the lineage of the California marine life, counselors take small groups out on the Gili Manta-SUP (short for stand-up paddleboard) to explore for themselves. What many campers coin as the "sub tour" is merely a cruise underneath Stearns Wharf which is rich with all sorts of marine life from octopuses to sea stars.



There's no better way to end the week than with a mega obstacle course. Campers have only one objective: to run the course as many times as possible (the camp record is 30 times!). After they've burnt themselves out, free play starts for the remainder of the day to ensure campers will go home ready for a nice afternoon nap.

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