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At Lobster Jo's Beach Camp, we offer the ultimate beach summer experience. Campers can choose from the various programs we provide. We pride ourselves on our nurturing and encouraging environment that allows campers of all ages to try new activities and challenge themselves in a safe setting. Our 1:7 counselor to camper ratio ensures plenty of supervision for every activity. Read more about Lobster Jo's Beach Camp below or reach out to us for more information.

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w/ Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation

Lobster Jo's Beach Camp is a privately owned beach camp that operates in coordination with the city of Santa Barbara's Parks and Recreation department. In March of 2021 we joined together to create the groovy camp that we are today. Partnering with the city ensures that we have the best insurance, quick and easy reservations, and access to beaches across the waterfront.

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Ages 6-12

Campers are the lifeblood of Lobster Jo's Beach Camp. Each day campers are immersed in new education about the ocean and the activities that surround it. Learning from young experienced watermen campers will be inspired by their counselors to try new things such as peer underwater to view the sea-life, swim from the MEGA-SUP back to shore, or craft a friendship bracelet for their best friend. With a wide array of activities Lobster Jo's prides itself on the fact that no camper will do anything out of their liking and there will always be alternate options for campers.



Ages 13-17

Junior Counselors also known as Counselors in Training (CIT) are the other group of kids on the beach. JC's will engage in all the fun and educational activities that campers enjoy but also have a heightened sense of responsibility than the normal campers. Intending to teach leadership and responsibility, counselors will work with JC's to take campers out into the water, set up beach games, and lead the art blanket. At the end of the week JC's can bring a community service form and get hours signed off for high school.

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